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Call for Educational Activities at ISAPA 2025 Kerry

Updated: Jul 4

The call for Educational Activities at ISAPA 2025 is open, we invite professionals,

researchers, activists, and enthusiasts to contribute their expertise and insights with

innovative proposals that will shape the future of Adapted Physical Activity.

Whether you have groundbreaking research to share, wish to organise focused

discussions through Mini Symposia, demonstrate practical applications of adapted

physical activity, or propose blended learning experiences, we encourage you to submit

your ideas. The deadlines for submission vary the 29th of November 2024 for scientific

abstracts, programme and policy presentations and practical sessions and the 1st of

October 2024 for Mini Symposia and CPD proposals, queries to

We look forward to receiving your proposals and to your participation in ISAPA 2025,

where we will collectively advance APA policy, practice, and research.

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